That Moment When You Defy Gravity

A nightmarish tale of air travel

Everyone has one.

Lost luggages, long security lines,

Fees for every inch of space you or your luggages require.

You can feel the anger build up in you;

A pressure cooker ready to explode.

And you’re left wondering: where did the magic go?

Until the moment when the engines burst to life.

With the grace of a ballerina, the behemoth turns to face the runway

Slowly at first, and then all at once,

The aircraft propels forward with all its might.

And the only thing gravity has a pull on,

is your anger as it fades back to earth.

Suddenly, you’re flying higher and higher

And all is forgiven—at least for now.



7 thoughts on “That Moment When You Defy Gravity

  1. Suan still gets the goosebumps before she goes on a journey. Fortunately, unlike the pressure cooker you described, the magic is sprewn all over for her…the moment the flight departs, its almost a heave of relief that she’s on the way!


  2. For Ahaan, a holiday involves “just” the flight travel. He doesn’t even want the stay or the new city. After a day long flight, for example, he said, “I am done. When are we going back?”.



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